To impart specialized multifaceted training to national and multinational military, police and civilian participants on peace operations in accordance with current international standards through research, education and professional programmes.


To promote global peace and security as an international Centre of Excellence.


Commandant's Welcome


Maj Gen Nasim Parvez, BSP, ndc, afwc, psc

Bangladesh started its peace keeping journey by contributing a group of officers to United Nations Iran-Iraq Military Observer Group (UNIIMOG) in August 1988 just after the Iran-Iraq war. Since then, peacekeeping under trying conditions have successfully proved our credibility. Our peacekeepers are currently deployed in 11 countries and we are one of the highest troops contributing countries in the world. The daunting challenge is "to train regular troops for Peace Support Operations", the 2nd Secretary General of the UN Dag Hammarskjold aptly said "Peacekeeping is not a soldiers job, but only a soldier can do it". The troops designated for PSO are given training according to the Standardised Generic Training Modules of UNDPO. To train officers and troops prior to their deployment in mission area, a Peace Keeping Operation Training Centre, in short PKOTC was raised on 24 June 1999. The institution was renamed as Bangladesh Institute of Peace Support Operation Training in short BIPSOT in the year 2002. Gradually, through hard work, utmost dedication in promoting world peace and sincere efforts of all concerned, BIPSOT has now emerged as one of the premier Peace Keeping Centres in this region which is globally recognized.

Here in BIPSOT we train not only the Bangladeshi peacekeepers but also the peacekeepers of other UN member states around the globe. Our contribution has been duly recognised by our friendly countries and the international communities as well. The mission of this Institute is "to impart specialized training to potential peacekeepers on UN peace support operations".

Ours is a developing and dynamic institution with latest technological support. We are hoping to take a leading role in peace support operation in the region. I wish the visitors of this site will get required information about the peace support operation around the globe.